What my Clients are saying


    Sharing my gratitude and appreciation for Ana Maria's NLP skills is a privilege. I find myself having more clarity about issues I came to resolve; every session is a new wide heart opening experience.
     NLP has a certain undetectable way of finding what is the core issue that needs attention, and resolves it in the moment. Many times I come with a certain issue to be resolved and after a conversation directed by Ana Maria I realize that the real "problem " was covered by a cloud of confusion, assumptions, and self judgments. What I imagined to be the problem was not at all the case.

    NLP uncovers the imaginary false self by different techniques that, although simple, are quite genius. If you wish to add a spice of clarity to your life try Ana Maria NLP sessions. It works for me.  Yohana Bat Adam.

    it  or not   it is possible to reestablish ones innately healthy self esteem in a matter of two months. It means it is possible to live in the experience of joy, meaning and creativity and living connection with the world right now, despite decades of inner misery.  It is possible to be of a true service to those around me, despite decades of being helpless in the basic affairs of life. It is possible to live according to my values to the full. It is my own experience. It was Ana Maria Cardoso whose work, love and investigative talent of a scientist, changed my life in a matter of two months. It is an amazing, inspiring and life-giving experience. It is done not by giving more abstract ideas to believe in. It is not done by indulging into the memories of the past, nor neglecting them. It is not about the food I eat. It is done true her understanding of the complex spiritual nature of the whole human being. It is done by establishing new healthy habits of becoming connected and staying connected to the core of our own nature. And the obstacles are removed. I did it with her help.  And I continue to do it for myself now, when away from the loving attention of Ana Maria.   O.M. To see Olga's full testimonial click Here.

    I struggled with a difficult relationship for 17 years.  In that time I tried to make the situation more harmonious by going to years of traditional family therapy, reading self-help books, praying, meditating, talking with friends, doing rituals, fighting, ignoring, and wishing things were different.  In two sessions with Ana Maria Cardoso I was able to see the dynamics I felt caught in in an entirely new way, one which feels most true to the reality of the situation.  I left our sessions with tools that create more harmony and felt empowered to address other areas of my life that have also been stuck.  Her work is compassionate, insightful, clarifying and precise.  I am deeply grateful for the time we have worked together.  E.E.S..

Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames.” 

– Rumi

    Playing off the work RLG has been doing with "Coaching With an Edge," we brought in Ana Maria Cardoso, a specialist in the field of techniques in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. We dove deep into two powerful coaching sessions, in which Ana Maria demonstrated the techniques using real issues from two participants. Ana Ximenes at RLG International Meeting on August 20014 in New York.